Preparing for the Spring Races – 6 helpful tips.

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Racing season has officially kicked off, and it’s easy to overspend whilst getting caught up in the madness. Event tickets, designer clothes, gambling, drinking and transport – just to name a few of the things we unquestionably throw our money at. To this we say, “Hold your horses!” There’s a way to get ready for the spring races in an affordable, yet classy fashion with these 6 handy tips.

6. Save on transport

Gone are the days of wasting time and money on taxis, or assigning someone with the unfortunate task of driving everyone around. With so many competitive ride sharing services, transport is cheaper than ever, and just a click on an iPhone app away. Alternatively, hiring a limo can not only be glamorous, but if enough people pitch in it can also be super affordable!

5. Rent your outfit 

How many times have you spent hundreds of dollars on an outfit, only to wear it once? With countless designer rental boutiques around, renting new-season fashion items is more accessible and affordable than ever. More often than not, it can be a lot cheaper than actually purchasing them [1]. If renting is still a little out of your budget never fear, you can always…

4. Borrow your outfit

Sharing is caring! Why not rummage through the wardrobe of a friend or family member? (Assuming you would do the same for them, that is).

3. Do Your Own Hair/Makeup

Now that you’ve found your money-savvy outfit, it’s time to organise the makeup and hair to match. This task can seem expensive, stressful and daunting. However, investing time into a few, free YouTube tutorials can do wonders. Enough practice, and you’ll have people asking “Where did you get your makeup done?”

2. Accessorise on the Cheap

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spring Racing? The accessories, of course! Lucky for you, fast fashion clothing stores are catching on to the accessories game. Gone are the days of spending $200 on a fascinator, or upwards of $500 on a nice pair of sunglasses. Do a bit of research, and you can get fashionable and functional pieces to complete your outfit for a nice price.

1. Don’t overdo it

Apart from the racing itself, it goes without saying that Melbourne Cup and all things surrounding it is about two things: dressing up and drinking. Without a doubt, overspending on alcohol is the one thing that affects nearly everybody attending the festivities. A great way to monitor your drinking and spending is to bring a limited amount of cash along with you. Spend less, drink less and your bank account (as well as your head) will thank you! [2]

Written by Sam Godenzi 


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