Could you own a chunk of $15 billion and not know it yet?

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Produced by AMP Life Limited and published on 27 July 2015. Original article.

Few people would be willing to turn their backs on thousands of hard-earned dollars. Yet when it comes to super money, many people have thousands of missing dollars they don’t know about.

More accounts, less money

It’s easy for super to get lost.

Most of us have more than one job in our lifetimes. And that generally means more than one super account.

What’s more, when you change jobs or move house your super fund can lose contact with you. And with multiple super accounts it’s likely you’ll lose track of some super payments from previous employers.

Over time, these payments can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, in Australia there is almost $16 billion dollars’ worth of lost super either waiting at the tax office to be reclaimed or in super accounts its owners have lost track of1.

We’ll help get your money back

AMP can help find your lost super. Our free super service makes it quick and easy to bring your super together―so you can keep an eye on it and have more in your hand down the track.

Even if you don’t know the fund names or locations of your super, we can help. We know what to do and where to look.

Like many people, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how much super money you actually have. Once we’ve found lost super that’s yours, we’ll contact you and with your fund details.

It’s easy and it’s free. Visit the AMP website so we can help find your super money today.

Join the many people taking charge

These days, more and more people are taking an active interest in their super. After all, next to owning a home, super’s likely to be the biggest investment you have in your lifetime.

So, most people want their super to be in good hands even if they move house or change jobs. That’s why it’s important for you to be able to easily keep an eye on your money and watch it grow.

Technology makes it simple for Australians to take charge of their super money:

  • Digital apps help you keep an eye on your employer contributions as they’re regularly paid into your super account—you can watch your balance grow!
  • Super tools like our salary sacrifice calculator can help you look ahead into the future and see the big difference pre-tax dollars can make to your overall account balance over time.

So why not check if you have some super you’re not aware of by using AMP’s free super service today. You never know—a surprise nest egg could be sitting waiting for you!


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