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Summer and all its celebrations are well and truly here, which means you should probably have a safe way to get to and from your destinations. Luckily, the rise of on-demand ridesharing services has made drinking and (not) driving a lot easier. However, not all ridesharing apps are created equal. Some have the advantage of volume, while others offer better prices and superior technology. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five top ridesharing apps each with their pros and cons. [1]

  1. UBER

By far the most popular and well-known ride sharing app, Uber is often the first thing that springs to mind when considering transport alternatives. Although it is not as competitively priced as other ride-sharing apps, it’s the one with the most options. For example, if you are travelling with a larger party, you can decide to split the fare between yourselves as well as request a vehicle with more seats (Uber XL).

Alternatively, if you don’t mind riding with strangers, Uber provides a discounted carpooling option (uberPOOL) to reduce the expense.

  1. DIDI

Unmistakably the new kid on the block – China based Didi has disrupted the ridesharing industry with their extremely competitive pricing and frequent promotions. Unlike Uber, Didi offers a price reduction during peak times rather than a surcharge. Additionally they “reward” frequent users with discounts upon discounts.

  1. OLA

Indian based Ola is also fairly new to the game and prides itself on being the most ethical of the bunch. Price-wise it is very similar to Uber, but it’s worth downloading to compare prices during peak times when surge pricing might make your short trip home otherwise unaffordable.


On first glance, Estonian based Taxify seems almost identical to Uber. Although there are a lot of similarities, there are a few key differences such as the capped 1.5 fare on surge pricing (as opposed to Uber’s whopping 8x normal fare). Also, they take less of a chunk of the driver’s earnings when compared to Uber.


Aussie-owned GoCatch has been named one of Uber’s biggest rivals. Book a rideshare, taxi or taxi van within minutes using the GoCatch app, and you can even earn Qantas points for your ride. It allows you to book taxis and private drivers and doesn’t charge surge pricing during peak demand periods like Uber does.

So many ride-sharing apps so little time! It’s worth giving them each a go, as first-time riders can usually score a free ride credit – the perfect way to trial which ride-sharing app is the one for you. [2]


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