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What people say

  • We didn’t have a huge amount of spare cash in the beginning and so didn’t think we needed any “financial advice”, originally we just wanted to better manage our tax! But Cameron Vallve has helped us build a clear and flexible wealth strategy to achieve our short and long term goals. I have referred him to endless friends, family and professional colleagues who proclaim the same personal and quality service and I would highly recommend Cameron to anyone seeking to build their future – no matter what age, status or life stage.

    E. Fell
  • Engagement with Brad Smith was excellent and made me feel like a valued customer.

  • We met Alex O’Neill to discuss our multiple super accounts. We found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He was personable, sincere and we felt extremely comfortable with the advice he provided us. Our knowledge around super was minimal and Alex was able to explain each step of the process. We would not hesitate in recommending Alex from Oak financial to our friends and family.

    Jonathan and Sophia
  • I'm a single parent working full time two hours away from home, so making appointments to do anything is pretty difficult. Time is something I don't have much of, so it's very important to me. Alex drove out to my place to meet me after 6.30pm on a weeknight, and I live two hours out of the city. He didn't just come in and show me some brochures and leave me to it. He stayed around, had a drink, worked around me doing the dinner-bath-bed routine with my kids, and didn't leave until he did everything he needed to do and got all the information he needed, to make sure that the job was done right. Then he went away and worked on my file, came back and did it all over again. There are two things I don't have much of – time and money. Alex gave me his time and used it to show me how to make more money. You gotta be pretty happy with that.

    Tania Lim
  • A Mentor of mine Ian Taylor, who was a Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor & Liquidator, Finance Broker, and a Rails Bookmaker who is not with us anymore once said to me: “Mike when dealing with people, who you wish to advocate for you, you've got to find someone who is willing to put their heart into it”. I can safely say I have found such a person in Richard Owen. Since first meeting him at BNI I transferred all my Life & Trauma Insurance Policies over to his company for my wife & I, Richard suggested that I may have a claim against my Trauma Policy which I never gave a thought about for Prostate Cancer which I was diagnosed for and since removed two years ago. He was successful in going in to bat for me and gaining a pay out on my policy this week. I think I have found such a person in Richard, many thanks Richard for a great result!

    Michael Dalton, Gellibrand Property Group
  • We have been clients of Brad Smith for several years now, and would like to express our satisfaction and support for him. My husband and I have always known how to earn and spend money, but had little understanding of how to manage our money and prepare for retirement until we met Brad. Brad listened to our needs and worked with us to develop the best strategies for us, adjusting them when needed. He has answered our many, and often repeated questions with infinite patience, and has the ability to explain complex situations clearly. His assistance has helped us set achievable financial goals and provided us with more confidence in our future. We are very comfortable with the style of consultation and the manner in which our superannuation and transition to retirement are being handled. Additionally, he has always been very responsive to email and telephone communications, and visits us personally at least once each year.

    Sue and Bruce Bartlett
  • Peter Hawker, you explain things properly and use terminology that we understand. You also keep in contact with us, keep up regular contact on how things are going, which we think is terrific. The ability to have meetings in the office as well as home is valuable for us, it is a good thing. You know and we know that we are not good at managing money, you are not a smart aleck about it, but include and understand the situations that happen, and then offer solutions to the problem and situation. When we implement the strategies we are always in a better financial position, which makes us feel more confident within ourselves as well as our relationship between Mark and I.

  • BradSmith looked at our Superannuation and Allocated Pension and also the fees we were paying which were definitely not working in our favour and he totally reconfigured them providing a workable fund for us. We are very happy with the service that Brad has given and continues to provide us with. He is always just a phone call or email away when we need him and responds immediately to all our inquiries, his service has been invaluable and we have every confidence in him. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice.

    Susan and Paul Bakolas
  • BradSmith has made a real difference in our lives by providing advice to better understand our needs in retirement. We now have strategies to pay our house off within 2 years and a management plan to have a secure financial future in retirement.

    Stephanie and Joseph Relph
  • BradSmith had to work for my business! My initial intransigence, for which I am thankful since I can now transition into retirement knowing that things have been sorted. I think Brad's affable nature is one of the reasons that he has been successful with a person such as myself. I also found Brad engaging - our conversation often wondered into the wider financial and political territory that surrounds superannuation. This made an otherwise tedious process more enjoyable which in turn prompted me to engage with the job at hand. It's seems clear that in order to be successful in Brad's profession, the primary job description is 'to help'. Brad does this well. He has helped me move from a position of skeptical negativity into feeling positive, informed and in control of the superannuation process. And, given the importance of retirement planning, my life in general has a more positive outlook. I would not hesitate to recommend Brad as a very helpful and effective financial adviser.

    Adrian Braun