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Richard Owen

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Before starting at Oak Financial Planning in 2018, I was a Managing Partner for a financial planning practice in Melbourne. Professionally, I have over 20 years of experience in providing holistic client strategies and am recognised as one of the leading advocates of the Values-Based Advice philosophy in the Australian Financial Planning industry. As well as holding the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner qualification from the Financial Planning Association of Australia, I also hold an Honors Degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Accounting.

Drawing experience from my career in both Australia and the UK, I believe in practicing Values-Based Financial Planning. My aim is to help clients get their entire financial house in order, so they can concentrate on more meaningful pursuits rather than worrying about their finances. I also have extensive knowledge in business consulting, goal setting, planning and assisting SMEs in their growth phrase.

Outside of Oak, I have been on leadership teams such as Little Athletics (VIC) and BNI, both as the Treasurer and Vice President. I have been a mentor to many advisers over the years, helping to shape the future of our industry is greatly satisfying as a senior planner. In my leisure time I enjoy playing tennis, golf and watching Rugby Union being of Welsh heritage. My most enjoyable pastime undeniably would be spending time with my wife and three children

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  • Following a meeting with Richard Owenas part of our normal BNI process of getting to know each other's business, at Richard's suggestion, I went through the Value Model. Whilst I already had a financial planner, I was quite happy to see what the process was all about. It initially involved just myself but as we went further into it, my wife, Tran also had to be part of the process. Jason Andrew, one of Richard's Partners, went through the process with us. Whilst I would have been happy to go through the process with Richard, as it was a personal as well as financial journey, I thought it showed a nice level of sensitivity for Richard to have Jason go through the process with us. Whilst it was challenging and at times confronting, it provided great insights and provided great clarity around what was important for both myself and Tran. And, I learned a few things about Tran's priorities which I must confess I was not fully across prior to these sessions! We are still working with Jason on this journey but I thought it was useful to compliment Richard and Jason of course for their time, patience and expertise in bringing clarity to an area of our lives which we normally don't want to deal with. I look forward to the balance of the process enriching my life even further!

    - Michael Royal, BIR Solutions
  • Richard Owen is not your average, boring and dry Financial Planner. Richard uses Values-Based Financial Planning which means the human and their values are at the center of the whole planning process. As a Business Coach this aligns really well with my own approach to serving clients. I had a great example the other day of how this is such a 'no brainer' approach. I recently left a copy of the Values Based Financial Planning book Richard gave me on the front table of a client's premises with a hand-written note. (It was late at night when I was checking in to their hotel and I did not want to disturb them). The next morning one of the owners greeted me by thanking me for the book. She had read half of it during the evening and found it very interesting and refreshingly holistic. I am guessing very rarely would someone read a document that a Financial Planner had given them at bed time, so this is a great testament to the power of the approach. This approach makes it easy for me to recommend Richard's services and no doubt it makes it easy to engage Richard's services too. So I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Richard to those within my valued network.

    – Wendy Grenfell and Elgin Hall
  • A Mentor of mine Ian Taylor, who was a Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor & Liquidator, Finance Broker, and a Rails Bookmaker who is not with us anymore once said to me: “Mike when dealing with people, who you wish to advocate for you, you've got to find someone who is willing to put their heart into it”. I can safely say I have found such a person in Richard Owen. Since first meeting him at BNI I transferred all my Life & Trauma Insurance Policies over to his company for my wife & I, Richard suggested that I may have a claim against my Trauma Policy which I never gave a thought about for Prostate Cancer which I was diagnosed for and since removed two years ago. He was successful in going in to bat for me and gaining a pay out on my policy this week. I think I have found such a person in Richard, many thanks Richard for a great result!

    -Michael Dalton, Gellibrand Property Group