9 tips to help sell your home

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You can never be more comfortable than being in your own home. However, this a great disadvantage when trying to sell.

When selling your home you must look at it as if you have never lived there yourself. This can be quite difficult as we often become accustomed to the little things in our home that may devalue it or turn away potential buyers. It’s these small details that must be attended to.

Here are 9 effective ways to improve the value of your home.

1. Curb appeal

If you were to stand outside on the street and look at your house what would you see? Lawns not mowed? Bushes not hedged? The smallest details to the outside of your home is of utmost importance; it’s the first thing buyers see when considering to purchase. A buyer who is not attracted to the outside of your home will have negative thoughts when inspecting inside or worse still, result in them not wanting to go inside for an inspection at all.

2. Grand entrance

As soon as that door opens you want potential buyers to feel amazed. First impressions can make or break a sale. Make sure your entrance looks stunning which may involve decorating. Make the buyer think immediately that they are onto a winner.

3. Comfortable temperature

Potential buyers who first walk into your home must feel that they are at home. On a warm day make sure to keep the house cool so buyers walking into your home are left feeling comfortable and vice versa. A potential buyer who simply does not feel at ease will not develop that cozy feeling one desires for when purchasing a home.

4. Smell

When first exposed to a bad smell we often will screw up our face and complain. However, once the smell begins to linger we often become accustomed and find ourselves unconsciously ignoring the odor. Inspections for bad odors should be found and treated immediately to avoid any negativity.

Why not make your house even smell more inviting? By doing so you are making potential home buyers feel more drawn in to feeling at home. This can be done by baking some delicious goodies.

5. De-Clutter

The more things we have in our lives the more we feel at ease. However, your home should look simple. Avoiding clutter can increase value of your home and avoid your house seem small and cramped. To avoid clutter hire a storage shed and store any unneeded items or hire a small truck and park it around the corner full of your personal belongings which will make it easier to move them in and out of your house.

6. Cleaning

Making the house as clean as it can be is crucial. When cleaning your house it should not stop at the common chores such as sweeping. Your house must look spotless. This may involve a lot of polishing which can be very draining, however, it will make your home appear fresh and new.

7. Conduct an inspection

Don’t make your dripping tap someone else’s problem. Be sure to conduct a thorough search of your home and fix any minor details that will make your house less appealing. This may mean additional costs but can increase the value of your house dramatically.

8. Stylist

You may like the way your home may appear but there is a good chance your house is not of saleable appearance. Hiring a stylist can create a natural flow within your home when house inspections are being conducted as well as help your home appear more vibrant.

9. Nature

Make your house feel as natural as possible by bringing the outdoors inside. Introducing greenery into your home helps create a sense of welcoming. Opening up those blinds and allowing as much natural light as possible also allows for your home to feel more attracting.

Good Luck!


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