5 ways to improve the wealth of your health

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Do you ever compare yourself to others who seem to be able to do it all and never seem stressed or run down? Chances are they are actively practicing ways to improve their health from a number of angles – not just fitness.

So to start reviewing your health priorities; take a look at the following 5 core areas and notice any gaps you might have. These could be the reason why you don’t wake up with a bang, get a 3pm slump or just feel generally unwell.

  1. Get Active 

Let’s start with the most obvious one when it comes to health and wellness. But being active does not just mean going to the gym or going for a run, it generally just means doing something other than sitting down all day.

If you work in an office chances are your sedentary for more than 7 hours per day (removing the time to walk to the coffee shop and trips to the printer!). We know that sitting is the new smoking so find a way to get up and move at least every hour. Even better, invest in a stand-up desk which automatically gets your blood flowing and energy levels rising.

Why not ask your employees to have meetings whilst going for a walk, it can often allow them to open up and the fresh air and activity will get your brains functioning better.

As a small achievable goal, try to walk for 30 minutes per day you could break this into 2 x 15 minute slots if you’re really struck for time, or make it incidental by parking your car further away from your work or public transport location.

2. Get sleep

Now the exact opposite of being active is sleeping, but it is equally important for the adequate function of the human body. Experts recommend we get between 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Chances are if your not getting this you are probably also guilty of digital digestion before hitting the sack. Using technology before you sleep can hinder your brain’s preparation for an adequate and restorative sleep.

Use a sleep monitoring app or alarm system to help you wake up at the right time and if your up late; try going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day until you get to a time where you are getting a full 8 hours.

3. Take time out 

How long has it been since you did absolutely nothing for at least a good hour? If your hopeless at doing nothing you could use your down time whilst sun baking (with SPF we hope!), reading a fiction novel, being still on the bus, meditating or even doing yoga.

When we have time to ourselves and when we stop focusing on the endless to do lists we’re able to think more clearly and creatively. You might have heard many entrepreneurs say their best ideas come in the shower, this is because this is the time they take for themselves to be present and enjoy the moment.

4. Spend (face) time with the ones you love 

It’s easy to get caught up thinking your a social being when spending your time on ‘social’ media. However our digital contact list is never the same as the human connection face to face.

Write a list of the three people you deeply care about and make it your priority to spend time with them face to face. And when you do make that time – switch the phone off – there is nothing more damaging to the human connection than someone checking their phone whilst trying to maintain a conversation.


5. Eat for your mind and body


Don’t diet – make better lifestyle choices. What you eat should be considered as the fuel for your body to make it run properly. You wouldn’t put dirty or bad petrol in your car if you knew it wouldn’t run as well and would cost you in the long run – so treat your body with the same respect.

Food = nutrition and this is essential to create a wholesome and healthy life. It underpins each of the steps above and is essential to human life. Treat your body like a temple, serve it well and it will serve you back.

6. Know when to stop 

Lastly, when you have too much on your plate or you seem to start getting sick all the time, or notice that your sleepy, or suddenly feeling down in the dumps. STOP. Recognise the signs and take a break. Write down the things stressing you out or the people bringing you down and take action to eliminate the bad stressors in your life.

As we all know stress is great in small amounts, it helps us to get things done and overcome obstacles. It is the negative stress that can be damaging to your physical and mental health so keep this in check when things don’t seem manageable.


Take a look at your life at the moment; what are you doing to accomplish your wealth of health? Are there any gaps, could you create new goals as part of your new year’s resolution to get ahead?

When you start to focus on these areas, you will start to become more alert, have more energy, have less stress, better memory, feel positive and able to achieve more. Once you get this aspect of your goal setting right; achieving the many other goals you set will only become more achievable.

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