5 ways to get organised

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How can you become more organised throughout your day to day life? Quite a lot of people need to learn by transitioning from being disorganised into cultivating healthy organisational habits whether this is at home, work or at school. Being organised, can reduce our stress levels by making our day-to-day lives easier to manage.

If you think you are a disorganised person, here are five ideas on how you can turn that around:


  1. Write things down

Using a notebook or on a to-do list[1] is a very efficient tool as you can see a task overview, being able to prioritise what tasks need to be completed in a specific order. This method is also a better way of remembering things if your memory is not the best at getting tasks done straight away! This will also make you feel more productive and better after the task has been completed.


  1. Using a calendar or diary

One of my favourite things is using a calendar or diary. Whether this is inside the diary or calendar entry or on your mobile phone to schedule appointments, catch-ups and other events to organise. This organisational method is a great tool to use as you can look at your week with a visual approach and not miss out on any events or things to do efficiently.


  1. Structuring routines in place

This organisational method of having routines in place can really help you stay on track throughout your day-to-day lives. How? If you ask me, having a structured routine gives you a sense of direction, reduces our need to plan, builds self-confidence and reduces procrastination[2]. An example of this could be committing yourself to going to the gym every morning to complete a cardio combined with weight training workout before going to work.


  1. Regularly declutter

Decluttering regularly is great for the soul! Why is decluttering great? Eventually, we tend to accumulate a lot of old belongings and items that we no longer use. To reduce the amount of mess, finding a time each week whether this would be at home inside a room or your belongings can help reduce the number of items that you no longer use.  As an example, cleaning your desk with papers and stationery[3] that you no longer use.

5. Categorise all belongings/items into plastic storage containers

This is a great method of being able to sort your belongings and items much more efficiently. Sorting the belongings and items into sub-categories by using a Brother Dymo Label printer to create category labels and plastic containers for storage purposes can help ensure items and belongings to stay in their place[4].

I hope these five tips help you stay on track and become more productive with your day-to-day life!




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